The Most Amazing Things Priyanka Chopra Shared With Her Fans In Her #AskPC Session On Twitter

B'cos a dull #AskPC sesh is practically impossible

Our 21st anniv cover girl, Priyanka Chopra knows how send love back to her fans, in real as well as the virtual world. After her fans shared their amazing experiences of meeting the celebrity, on Quora, a whole new bunch of fans got an opportunity to ask PC anything in an interactive Twitter sesh. The actor hit a staggering figure of 20M on the platform and decided to answer all the questions raised by her curious fans across the globe.

From wanting to collaborate with Rihanna to, doing movies in different languages, here's what Priyanka really wants to do in life ahead:

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Depend on PC to give you the best advice to turn a bad day around

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On being appointed as UNICEF's Global Goodwill Ambassador, the actor said it's once of the best things she had ever done.

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And, some details about the most important stuff in life...like napping

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When she said it...in under 140 characters

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On one artist she'd like to have a music collaboration with.

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The one fitness advice effective on us, today onwards

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On being asked about doing a movie in a different language

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