Watch How Priyanka Chopra Brilliantly Roasted This Comedian on Gender Pay-Gap, in This Throwback Interview

Sassy, yet classy!

Priyanka Chopra is famous all over the globe, we all know that. But her talent as an artiste and drop-dead gorgeous looks are accompanied by her killer wit and sass, which we get to see during her interviews! Be it her clap-backs to derogatory questions asked on chat-shows, or her savage AF comebacks to contemporaries who seemed to have a problem with her—there's no comparison to PeeCee's presence of mind. She always manages to floor everyone with her replies. Well, she was Miss World for a reason, after all!

On that note, if you want to see Chopra having a little fun of her own with popular comedian and actor Kapil Sharma when she graced his show Comedy Nights With Kapil two years ago, you're at the right place.

As is standard protocol for his show, Kapil Sharma would ask questions to his guests to lure them to answer in a way that tickles everyone's funny bones—either with the celebs being roasted (in good spirit, of course!), or by their epic comebacks.

In that episode, one of the questions (translated) he asked Priyanka was —

"You're doing so many films that have broken all records, and are super-hit. You're now in America and playing the lead in a successful TV show, it's obvious now that you'll even sign up for films in Hollywood. What will you do with so much money?"

Priyanka never ceases to make a point with all her arguments, and managed to raise a serious social issue, without compromising on the funny quotient that was expected in her response!

"Even though I know this is Comedy Nights (comedy show), and our responses are expected to be packed with humour, and rather funny... I'd like to talk about an issue that is a bit serious. Let alone the entertainment industry, be it any profession in our country—girls have to work at least 4 times harder to earn a remuneration that is equivalent to that of a man. Considering that, I still have to work wayyy too much—to be able to earn as much as YOU!"

Now, that's what we call — S.A.V.A.G.E!

The disparity in the wages between males and females is not just restricted to showbiz, as rightly pointed out by Priyanka, but they're the ones who are using their social influence to initiate a change! There have been many cases when actresses like Sonam Kapoor have also spoken out in public about "not being paid their dues", and with the recent news of Deepika Padukone being paid more than her male co-stars Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor — simply because she is the main protagonist in the film, is a slight ray of hope that maybe there is a scope for change, after all.

Watch the video here —

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