Here's What Happened When Kareena and Shahid Kapoor Broke-Up While Shooting For 'Jab We Met'

When you gotta 'act' for the reel, but real life becomes a mess!




This couple was the talk of the town throughout their entire dating tenure, and well, when one of them is Kareena Kapoor, what else could one expect?

Shahid and Kareena dated for almost five years, and were super-public about their relationship. Which is why, it came as quite a shocker when the duo parted ways, and maintained zero contact for almost seven years. What was even more shocking was that it happened whilst they were shooting for their most successful film together yet—Jab We Met.

The film that instantly struck the right cord with the people, and carved its eternal spot in their hearts—#FaveRomComEver, just completed 10 years of its existence in cinema. Shahid and Kareena redefined #CoupleGoals when they starred in this 'battle of opposites' film, complete with its set of eccentricities and fun quotient.

It's hard to imagine that this "very much in love" couple broke up while they were still shooting for this film, even though they disclosed it only after its release.

They would avoid all public confrontations, and the bitter air about their relationship was evident in the statements that they would give about each other, when the media pressed them too far.

If you're also one of those who have always wondered how the freshly estranged couple worked together to produce such a masterpiece, your query is finally answered.

Remember 'Anshuman', the guy who plays Kareena aka 'Geet' s love interest before she falls for Shahid? Well, he recently opened up about the air of discomfort that was palpable at that time, in conversation with HT, and how the actors were extremely professional about pulling through the film without any interference by their personal grievances against each other. He was quoted—

"The tough time in their relationship did not affect the shooting, but I could see that things were a bit weird. When you have a couple on set, you expect them to be a little lovey-dovey and happy. There was an air of discomfort. However, I thought that they are serious actors and didn't let their personal equation affect their work. They did not even joke with each other."

However, it was a pleasant surprise when the couple were spotted together sharing the stage during IIFA 2014, when Kareena came to the stage to present an award, while Shahid was co-hosting the show with Farhan Akhtar. Kareena's warm "Hello shahid" was lauded by the ex-couple's fans, and this seemed like a hint of a new friendship between the two. Kareena Kapoor also went on record to say that unlike popular belief, Shahid himself broke the news of his wedding to her, well before he announced it publicly!