Watch Priyanka Chopra Give a Tour of Her NYC Apartment in This Video...

So this is where PeeCee chills when she's not busy working her a*s off!




Back-to-back hit films, and playing the lead in a successful show in America, Priyanka Chopra is definitely pursuing her quest of global domination. The Quantico star has millions of fans all over the world who would do anything to just get a glimpse of their fave actor, and the itsy-bitsy nuances of her daily life!

We found a video where our 21st birthday cover star is in conversation with Anupama Chopra of Film Companion, and giving her a tour of her home back in New York City!

Priyanka channeling her cool and casual self at home, with a coffee mug in her hand is chit-chatting with Anupama and showing her around the luxe-yet-tastefully done simple house. She begins with a really cute caricature of her family, a gift from her personal hairstylist, and explains what it means.

From her private gym to her 'guitar corner' (she doesn't know how to play it BTW), from her game room-turned-fitting room to her virgin private theatre—Chopra at her candid best saunters around her personal haven, and effortlessly makes you fall in love with her simplicity.

Spoiler alert: You're about to get jealous AF.

Watch the whole video here —

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnZ6ATDnbto[/youtube]

Video Courtesy: Film Companion