7 Rumours About Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma's Relationship That Aren't Really True

Some can even be classified as downright crazy!




1. Countless break-up rumours

Reportedly, Anushka's drop-dead gorgeous photo shoot for a men's magazine cover did not go well with Virat, towards which he expressed his displeasure. Apparently, they had a major fight on this over the phone, but they did not part ways rather they sorted it soon. They were spotted together many times after this news broke out.

2. An impending marriage in December!

Media and tabloids went berserk with rumours that Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are tying the knot this December, when the two recently starred in a commercial for an ethnic wear brand where the couple took wedding vows. Moreover, when the Indian skipper expressed his unavailability for one of the Test matches against Sri Lanka in November-December, everyone thought a wedding is around the corner, even without an official announcement! It was only later when Anushka's talent agency cleared the air, pointing the news as false rumors and nothing more.

3. Engagement in Dehradun

Looks like every year, Virat and Anushka have a wedding to plan, which somehow gets postponed. In case you couldn't smell the sarcasm in that statement, what we mean is that just like #2, last year when the couple went off to the hills of Uttarakhand to spend some quality vacay time (which involved family, BTW) around New Years, there were immense speculations that the duo were secretly engaged! Until Virat Kohli cooled off the fire with a simple tweet, denying everything.

4. Salman Khan played mediator.

For the brief time period when the couple has split up, to the extent of even un-following each other on social media, there were absurd rumors that Salman Khan had tried to patch things up between the two. However, there are no reports or evidence of this. Let's keep the man outta this!

5. That #Virushka met a sage in Haridwar to plan a wedding date (could it get more bizzare?!)

Right after their New Years vacay in Narendra Nagar last year, Virat Kohli and Anushka must have detoured to visit 'Anant Dham Atmabodh Ashram' in Haridwar. Apparently, Anushka and her family have been a constant follower of the sage in that Ashram, and had promised her guru a rendezvous with her beau Virat. But media and paps, put it across in whole other light. Tsk!

6. How they actually met...

Now, it is a popular belief that Virat and Anushka first met on the sets of a shampoo commercial shoot, and sparks of love flew between the two . Which is believable, but not quite true! Reportedly, it was actually Ranveer Singh who first introduced Anushka to Virat at a party long ago. Now that's new information!

7. Move in together

Believe it or not, there were even rumors that #Virushka might just move in together! Apparently, Virat has purchased a luxe AF apartment on the 34th floor, in Worli, Mumbai (costing a whopping Rs. 34 crore). Speculations about the couple moving in together came from the fact that back in 2015, they had been spotted at the site to look for flats. WOW. Talk about putting two and two together!