'Will Your Mother Sit Outside While I Narrate the Story To You?'

Priyanka Chopra's mom shares a shocking story of sexual harassment from when the actor was just 17.




A big congratulations to the world for seeing a time where women are coming out with their sexual harassment stories without the fear of being judged or not caring about it at all.

The Harvey Weinsteins and Louis CKs and Kevin Spaceys of the world are seen by the 'fans' for what they really are, because of the bad*ss women/people who chose to speak about them.

Just like Hollywood, Bollywood too is full of men who use their power to exploit women, and the one case we're talking about right now is about Priyanka Chopra. The global superstar was sexually harassed by a big movie director at the age of 17.

Her mom Madhu Chopra throws light on the unfortunate incident that took place years ago and everything that happened after that. The Starmom says the whole incident costed her 10 films pretty early in her career, as a result of rejecting that director.

Talking about Priyanka facing harassment during her initial days in the industry, Madhu Chopra told Deccan Chronicle: "...a designer told her that the director's brief was to dress her in itsy-bitsy clothes. The director had said, 'What is the point of having a Miss World in front of the camera if we cannot show her as her beautiful self?' Priyanka refused to do the film."

Narrating another incident owhen Priyanka as a starter in the industry, Madhu Chopra told Deccan Chronicle: "She was just 17 when she entered the industry, so I accompanied her every minute of the day till about three years ago. So a gentleman meets her and says: 'Will your mother sit outside while I narrate the story to you?' Priyanka told him, 'If it is a story that my mother can't hear then it is a story that I cannot do'."

Who knew someone who's as chirpy, vibrant and successful as Priyanka Chopra who tasted fame at SUCH a young age had to face these issues. I mean deep down we all sense that glamour comes at a cost but aren't we in denial most of the time?

Say what you have to but women everywhere are going through this every day. But, on a brighter note, these coming out stories are only hinting towards a brighter world.

So, here's to us...