Karan Johar: 'Actors Have Fallen in Love on My Film Sets'

From reel to real!




Karan Johar, an Indian film director, producer, screenwriter, costume designer, reality TV show judge, is now going to add another feather to his hat. The celeb announced his new radio show—yep he's also an RJ now. It will be interesting to see Karan being a love guru to all his listeners.

Speaking of love, Karan revealed in the press conference that actors have fallen in love on his movie sets. In fact, the director is confident that "It has happened more than five times,". So, the sizzling chemistry between some actors is not just method acting. Interesting!

He said, "Yes, it happens all the time. It has happened more than five times, I can assure you. People fall in love, it's the industry of love,". Karan said the off-screen romance only enhanced the film making and never interfered in it.

The reports got curious and asked if he has a policy for actors not being allowed to date each other while working in the movie, Karan replied, "No not at all. I love it. I don't believe you can ever (control) anyone's personal life. We are here to work, make movies... What people do in their personal capacity is entirely their thing. In fact, if they fall in love it's great. If it's legit and lovely... it's fine. Even if it's not, it's their problem."

During Koffee With Karan we heard many celebs admitting that they spoke to Karan about their relationship troubles. He said during the press conference that industry celebs come to him to talk about both hookups and breakups. It will be interesting to see how the director will solve common man's love problems now.

About this new venture Karan says,"Radio is a great platform for one to express but it won't pay but this is a very official platform where I can do things I used to do unofficially. I have been giving advice about love and relationships in my life and it's something very special to me." He further added, "I feel good whenever I listen about love and relationships as it's something which connects us with each other and makes me so happy."

P.S. We wonder who those 5 couples were who fell in love on KJo's film sets!