Karan Johar Made an Interesting Revelation, In This Throwback Interview

"There's a photo of Shah Rukh and Gauri in my room."




We have many examples of Bollywood friendships that are thicker than blood. One such beautiful bond is shared by Gauri Khan and Karan Johar. Contrary to the popular belief, Karan thinks his friendship with Gauri is deeper than with Shah Rukh.

In an interview given to a popular magazine, Karan spoke about Gauri and how she supports him and SRK. The director also mentioned that he has a picture of Gauri and Shah Rukh in his bedroom.

He said, "She's strong and solid. She's a great mother, a wonderful wife and daughter. She's the silent support in my life. We don't need to talk to each other. Yet we'll always stand by each another. She's like a daughter to my mother and a sister to me. I love the way she handles her life. I love the way she balances being Shah Rukh's wife and being a self-sufficient professional. She's the support system we all lean on. Shah Rukh and I lean on her for stability because she's such a strong lady. There's a photo of Shah Rukh and Gauri in my room. I stare at them because they give me strength. The only other pictures in my room are of my father and my mother."

Gauri posted a picture of this interview on her Instagram account:

[instagram ]https://www.instagram.com/p/BLJ2RkeB4sx/?taken-by=gaurikhan[/instagram]

It was heartwarming to see Gauri and Karan's friendship unaffected, even when his and Shah Rukh's relationship had hit a rough patch.