8 Luxe AF Facts About the Ambanis' Billion Dollar Home, 'Antilia'

If you thought you could imagine what 'luxury' is, you need to read this.

1. Named after a mythical island in the Atlantic, 'Antilia', the insanely opulent residence of the country's wealthiest family is approx. worth $2 billion, and is spread over 400,000 sq. ft, with 27 stories that tower up to a height of a 40-story building. It was designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will, with the Australian-based construction company Leighton Holdings taking charge of its construction.

2. It was falsely rumoured that 'Antilia' was constructed over remnants of a slum dwelling, and a lot of heat was vented out at the Ambanis for their "insensitivity" to the less fortunate. However, the luxurious house is located in one of the most expensive addresses in the world, Altamount Road, surrounded by other rich and successful business tycoons of India, in the likes of Kumar Mangalam Birla, Naresh Goyal and several Bollywood stars.

3. The dream house that took nearly 4 years to build, is the sole residence of the powerful family, ever since they shifted out of their family home that they shared with Mukesh Ambani's mother and brother. Contrary to other influential richies of the world, who have homes across the globe, the Ambanis have set base in 'Antilia' only. Well, if you have the world's most expensive house, why would you want to stay elsewhere anyway?

4. The highly ostentatious residence boasts of amenities, and facilities that you probably couldn't even imagine to be in a single building. Along with a multi-story garage that can accommodate 168 cars, 'Antilia' also has 3 helipads on the roof with a special service station on the 7th floor to facilitate guests who prefer arriving by air. Thoughtful, ain't it?

5. We're about to move on to the amenities, so brace yourself. With 9 super-fast elevators that connect the lobby to different parts of the house, the family owns its own deluxe private theatre with a seating capacity of 50 people, multiple hanging terrace gardens, multiple swimming pools, dance and yoga studios besides the individual gyms of each family member, a health spa where they often rejuvenate, a large ballroom, a salon, a separate floor of guest suites, and even an ice-room which produces artificial snow that serves as an escape from the sweltering heat of Mumbai. Floored yet?

6. 'Antilia' is known for its unique design and carefully crafted interiors. No two floors have the same interior, and the whole house is based on the theme of sun and lotus. Exquisite materials like rare woods, marble, mother of pearl and crystal were used to craft the shapes of the lotus and the sun in the building.

7. As per a statement given by Nita Ambani to Vanity Fair, the family's living quarters on on the top floor, so that they can enjoy as much natural light as possible. Yes, they believe in soaking up on the Vitamin-D.

8. If you thought, this luxe AF mansion is just about wealth, you're wrong. It has been specifically designed in a way that keeps the interiors of the house cool, and has energy efficiency emphasized throughout the house. Interestingly, the very first electrical bill that the Ambani's incurred in their new home was worth more than Rs. 70 Lakh!

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