Here Are All the Instances That are Hinting at Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's Wedding...

Will they come back as a married couple ?




While the entire country is swinging between rumours of an impending wedding of Indian skipper Virat Kohli and Bollywood's heart-throb Anushka Sharma in Milan, and reported statements of sources claiming the rumours to be baseless, confused fans can't help but wait for the news to finally be cleared.

12th December—is the day the couple is allegedly tying the knot in utmost secrecy in Milan, Italy and somehow the leaked news resulted in a complete Internet meltdown. While these reports were doing the rounds, Anushka's spokesperson insisted that they weren't true. She told DNA After Hours:

"It's not true at all. While the channel is claiming that Anushka has left for Italy already she is currently sitting in BKC and doing a brand meeting."

But, certain incidents are happening, which are pointing to a certain ring of truth to these "baseless" rumours. For instance, Anushka Sharma, recently left for Italy with her complete family and their family priest (who happens to be the same one, to who she introduced Virat last year during their New Years vacay).

Anushka was even spotted leaving the house of noted designer Sabhyasachi, and people are speculating that it was something to do with a bridal outfit. There are even rumours that even though the wedding will be a private affair, a grand reception will be thrown on December 21st where all friends and family will be invited.

Not just this, even Virat Kohli has left from Delhi. And his childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma has also taken leave from work on account of his "nephew's wedding".

People are trying to put two and two together, and concluding with the fact that there is a great probability that this wedding might just take place. But until December 12th, one can just guess, and keep wondering...