Saif Ali Khan on His Sex Life, Ex-Wife and More, in This Throwback Interview...

"There have been times when my emotions have been least involved, when I've been with a woman."




According to this 90s interview by Stardust, Saif Ali Khan was a man who was very open about expressing his thoughts on his sexual relationships before he entered matrimony with his ex-wife, Amrita Singh. The actor had no qualms about sharing his lifestyle, and even went on to reveal that he has had his share of casual relationships.

To quote him, "Sex has its relevance, but it isn't anything novel. It's been so since Eve tempted Adam. Sex has been one of the first forms of communications between a man and a woman. My physical need is as important as my emotional need. I can't separate them although there have been times when my emotions have been least involved when I've been with a woman."

The Nawab of Pataudi was head over heels in love with his then wife, Amrita, and confessed that even if someone hit on him, he will politely refuse.

"The woman has always known the equation. I've never said, 'I Love You' to a woman just to get her into my bed. I have never had to read sex manuals to learn the techniques. My technique is my own. I have always treated my woman with respect. Today, I wouldn't respond to a woman who came on to me. I'm a married man. I wouldn't do anything to hurt my wife. I'd smile and say 'sorry ma'am, wrong number.' I've grown up abroad and lived on my own. I've seen blue films and live shows. The average Indian male is not as exposed to sex as the average guy abroad. That's why the Indian male is frustrated."

But it wasn't always that 'rosy' for Saif, whothen divorced Amrita Singh in 2004, culminating a 13-year long marriage. The divorce had been ugly, and a lot of bitter resentment was palpable in the interviews that the ex-couple gave at that time.

Well, who would have thought Saif would be so refreshingly candid about a topic that even today makes people uncomfortable to talk about, back in those times. Presently, he sure looks like he's in happy place, with Kareena and his oh-so-adorable son, Taimur.