Aditi Rao Hydari Talking About Working With Ranveer Singh In The Movie Padmaavat Will Give You Chills

"There were times when he used to look at me and I would flinch because he was scary."




Aditi Rao Hydari emerged as a dark horse of Bollywood. Her journey in Hindi movies began in the year 2008. Aditi played the role of a docile aunt to Abhishek Bachchan's character in the movie, Delhi 6. The talented actor has come a long way now. Her work in Padmaavat is receiving a lot of love from fans and critics alike. In an interview given to a leading tabloid, Pinkvilla, the actor shared the complexities of her character and her reaction to all the praises she's receiving.

Aditi said, "It has been an overwhelming reaction. I was not in the posters or in the trailer and a lot many people didn't even know that I am a part of the film. It was a secret and the kind of the response that has come is amazing. I knew it will be good because the way Sanjay sir has written it. When people give you encouragement and love, you feel like you are on the right track. It gives you strength to keep believing and all the credits to Sanjay sir and the team that made the character of Mahru. When people take a bit of you back from the theatres, it's the biggest compliment that an actor can get. I was lucky to get the opportunity and many people asked me why didn't you promote the film and I said 'sometimes surprises are better'. In the West, actors do the special part and it's fine. It's only in India that people ask that you are not on the poster. I believe it's your work that speaks for you and the effect you have on the people. I literally wept when I saw the first reaction."

Speaking of the chemistry between her character and Alauddin Khilji's, the actor shared how she used to flinch when Ranveer Singh looked at her while filming the scenes.

"Khilji is temperamental and intimidating as a character, but the fact that he respects his girl somewhere is there - she is the queen and he does give her that respect and position. She has the courage to stand in front of him - I like that about my character. Her love for Khilji never dies and it's from his side too. Sanjay sir also felt that despite the temperamental nature of Khilji's character, the fact that she is the queen is always there somewhere. She never loses her dignity and looks into his eyes and answers back. Dignity with regalness is something that I love about the character. Ranveer Singh is an actor that you would love to react to. There were times when he used to look at me and I would flinch because he was scary. But, the character had that strength to give it back. I really love how Sanjay sir writes his characters and as you rightly said, there was vulnerability and daintiness in her character. You could see the innocence in her eyes, but she is a strong girl. She doesn't speak much, but her lines did make an impact. At the end when I was sent to 'kalkothri', he said that 'I kept you in heart' and she replies back saying that 'I did this to save from your sins'. The love is pretty much evident, but Khilji's ways are strange to express his love - he was destructive."