Ekta Kapoor Shut Down Trolls Who Cited Multiple Surgeries Behind Sridevi's Death

"1 percent of the population can have a cardiac arrest without any kind of surgery!"

Sridevi Kapoor's sudden death has left the entire nation in shock—from a child actor to a Bollywood star, deemed as India's first 'female superstar', Sridevi was a living legend. Since the news of her demise broke yesterday, Bollywood and fans have been pouring condolences on social media, making yesterday the darkest day for Indian cinema.

Death of a superstar, certainly leads to a lot of controversies and suspected conspiracies. While the reason behind Sridevi's sudden death has been a cardiac arrest, many people are blaming her multiple surgeries and even heavy intake of hydroxyl drug (that she allegedly took to kill hunger and maintain her weight) for her demise.

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A viral post even suggested that her lack of self-esteem and the pressure to look younger led her to undergo multiple surgeries and weight loss drugs, which further led to an imbalance diet.

Ekta Kapoor also posted her condolence for the late actress along with tweeting a fitting reply to all the trollers citing surgery as the reason for Sridevi's death.

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Ekta's apt response was needed to zip insensitive people on social media, who even on a someone's demise, leave no opportunity to shame them.