The Oscars 2018 Paid a Tribute to Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor...

...and here's how Twitterati reacted to the emotional moment

The 90th Academy Awards—the Oscars 2018—which are the most prestigious awards in the West, happened recently and Hollywood showed up with looks you wouldn't forget!

But besides the star-studded walk at the Red Carpet, something else happened which shook the Indian fans and film frat, and they couldn't help but share the hear-warming moment on Twitter.

Every year, the Oscars display a beautiful and significant video montage of all the artistes with global recognition—who the Industry lost in that year—as a tribute to their exemplary art and success.

This year, amidst a background of Eddie Vedder performing a Tom Petty song live, besides remembering former James Bond Sir Roger Moore, French star Jeanne Moreau, actors Martin Landau and Harry Dean Stanton, actor and playwright Sam Shepard, and directors George Romero and Jonathan Demme, 'In Memoriam' also paid tribute to Indian legends, Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor who passed away on 4th December 2017, and on February 24th this year, respectively.

Shashi Kapoor had been wheel-chair bound for his last few years of life, whereas Sridevi lost her life to "accidental drowning" just a few days after her nephew's wedding in Dubai. Both these deaths had spread a pall of gloom across the nation.

What astounded many, was that Shashi Kapoor had some role to play in International cinema as he had starred in several films like The Householder, Shakespeare Wallah, and Heat And Dust—but Sridevi had worked strictly in the country, yet she received a place in the 'Memoriam' owing to her astounding contribution to Indian cinema over a career span of 5 decades.

The Oscars pay homage to known legends of cinema, who left us before the ceremony with a beautiful and significant montage, and the inclusion of India's favourite icons, led fans and celebs alike, to celebrate the moment on Twitter.

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It is no doubt, a moment to be proud of. RIP superstars!