Alia Bhatt And Shah Rukh Khan Doing Their Duo Thang

We will WATCH this film...




(A screengrab of Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt from YouTube)

You'll remember Gauri Shinde for her biggie success English Vinglish, which gave Sridevi a star-style comeback and won her a bag full of warmed hearts across the globe. Now she's gearing up for the next game-changer film she's been working on; and the protagonanist duo is all cast up!

Screen history ensues, because a 49 year old Shah Rukh Khan is to star opposite a 22 year old Alia Bhatt; but hey, when has age ever mattered when you're in (reel) love. Karan Johar couldn't help but tweet about it in much excitement.


We're totally looking forward to seeing what kind of story is in the pipeline that'll bind these two actors together in a believable, seamless fashion. If English Vinglish is anything to go by, you can certainly count our vote as an optimist's thumbs up.