Shah Rukh Khan Said the Most Heart-warming Thing About His Kids!





We're always hearing about King Khan and all the crazy stuff happening to him (read: being banned and un-banned from stadiums, doing cool films with Alia Bhatt, et al), but we don't hear FROM him nearly as much as we'd like to. So, when SRK Tweeted out about his pangs of love for daddy's dearests, we were all ears.

Um, Dawwww? 

The brood of little Khans consists of Aryan (17), Suhana (15), and AbRam, two. If Twitter is anything to go by, SRK is clearly all about the fam. Every second Tweet is a happy familial anecdote or shout-out. And we love it. More power to you #PapaProud.

(By Saumyaa Vohra)