Ruh Roh: Look Who Katy Perry Was Spotted Cuddling With on the Fourth of July

He's baaaaaaack.




Say it ain't so!

Although they announced (one of their) split(s) back in March, TMZ has photos of Katy Perry and John Mayer canoodling at July 4th's Grateful Dead concert in Chicago. They were spotted together at Disneyland at the end of May, but I think we were all hoping that was just a one-time backslide for Katy. Or maybe they were both drunk and/or it was actually their doppelgangers? Or they were being held hostage?

But, no. Now that we've seen them twice together in the wild, I'm starting to think they're a thing again. Sigh.

Can someone please explain John Mayer to me? What's the appeal here? Does he have a chocolate-covered ding dong and nipples that squirt Bloody Marys? Please. Someone help me understand. I'm desperate.

By Laura Beck

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