Of Course Kanye West Styled Kim Kardashian in Nude Lingerie for a Photo Shoot

The lovebirds collaborated for System magazine.




During the brief, glorious period of time when Kim Kardashian was a blonde, she and Kanye West staged a photo shoot at France's Château d'Ambleville for System magazine with photographer Juergen Teller. Those photos have now made their way online, and they are pretty much everything you'd expect from a Kanye-styled shoot of Kim. He put her in a nude bodysuit with boob pads! She's wearing thigh-high stockings and heeled boots in a field! They're making out on the cover!

Though this is still on some level #RelationshipGoals, you have to wonder if Kim wasn't at least a little annoyed at Kanye for not finding her a nice coat to model. France in the spring isn't exactly bustier weather. At least she had the thigh-highs though.

By Eliza Thompson

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