Kendall and Kylie Jenner Get Matchy-Matchy In Coordinating Outfits

Sister style.




Kendall and Kylie Jenner typically have pretty different styles. Kendall's more classic, preferring neutral colours and simple staples. Kylie likes to keep things edgy, with a lot of bodycon and distressed denim, plus her newly turquoise hair. But occasionally, their preferences meet in the middle, and they manage to pull off some classic coordinating Kardashian looks.

Like this weekend, when they popped out for some shopping in LA, each wearing their personal take on the crop top plus matching trousers combo.

Kylie went for form-fitting suede, sticking to neutrals to let her new hair take focus. Never considered wearing all-over suede on a summer's day before, but now we're tempted.

Meanwhile, Kendall went for a soft shade of pink, pairing a cropped hoody with some wide leg satin-y trousers. Look at Kendall and Kylie getting all matchy-matchy. So much cooler than when your mum used to dress you and your sister in matching rainbow striped leggings.

How much planning do we think went into this? Just a speedy snapchat of what one Jenner was wearing, followed by the other picking out something from her wardrobe to match? Is there a google doc for Kardashian matching? A rota for who gets to wear neutrals? We need to know how this is working.

Kind of makes us wish we had an equally stylish sister to coordinate outfits with.

By Ellen Scott

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