Troublemaker North West Has Been Messing With Her Mom's Twitter Again

Time to change the passwords.




Adorable mischief-maker North West is at it again! After having a dramatic struggle with her mother earlier this month about her need to over-accessorize, North continued her reign of anarchy by taking her mother's phone and following people on Twitter at random. Kim is almost as discerning as Kanye when it comes to who she follows on Twitter, keeping the list to people she seems to know and a few news sources she likes, so North's transgressions must have really messed up her curation. No word on whether or not she got to follow this person who offered her a Frozen backpack.

In other North news, she enjoyed a chocolate chip pancake Sunday as only a small child could - by getting it all over her face in a way that doesn't even really make physical sense. How many chocolate chips were in that thing, and how did they melt so fast? How did the chocolate get all the way up the side of her face? Children are mysteries.

By Eliza Thompson

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