Chrissy Teigen Reminds the World That She Also Has a Very Beautiful Butt

This is officially the Year of the Celebrity Tush on Instagram.




Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to celebrating her body on Instagram. She's also no stranger to sending messages about the weird hypocrisy of the social media site in terms of its gender bias towards pictures of the nude female body. When Instagram went on a deleting spree to remove her topless photos, yet went full "WHATEVS" when Justin Bieber showed his bare bottom, Chrissy's rebuttal (yeah I know you see what I did there) was to share a picture of her husband's lovely derriere.

On Tuesday evening, Chrissy once again reminded the world that there exists a completely absurd and unecessary double standard when it comes to women and nudity, by sharing this glorious photo of her own tush.

Sure, Chrissy enjoys sharing images of her body but don't forget, she also knows that's there's a symbolism here. Her breasts (and more specifically, her nipples, judging by what images are allowed and which are deleted) are considered offensive and shameful. Yet this other random part of her body skates by for the censors. It's a great point, but honestly, even if you don't recognize the subtle statement about sexism online, it's still a gorgeous photo to enjoy.

By Rebecca Rose

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