Shahid Kapoor's Adorable Brother is NO Consolation Prize

He's too cute for that!




 (Shahid and his half-brother Ishaan Khattar)

He's got that touch of Shahid charm under a mop of curly hair, he's got the sense of humour that lets him call Mira Rajput 'bhaabidoll', and he's getting into films through the backdoor (direction, we mean, naturally). Ishaan Khattar, Shahid's half brother has been splayed all over the newsprint of late, and for no gossip-soaked reasons; just 'cuz he's adorable!

The boy's travel pictures are all over his Instagram account, so thats a plus ten for #travellove. Those pictures, peppered with tonnes of gym selfies are a clear indication that a gym fetish runs in the fam. It also turns out he's a snazzy dance whizkid like Brother Elder. 

Ladies, if you shed a couple of tears when Shahid up and married a 'commoner' (read: not a film star; though by no means common and totally gorgeous Mira Rajput), and you went, 'oh my god! That could've been me!', you might wanna keep an eye on this one, for when he's all grown up.