Here's Why Kareena Kapoor's Fans Are So P*ssed Off

They even wrote her an open letter telling her why...




We thought all was shiny and well in the world of Kareena Kapoor, since her latest film Bajrangi Bhaijaan was the fastest film to cross the 100 crore mark and we saw her Sunday-brunching with her squad. Surprisingly, however, KK is getting a lot of flak for the movie.

While the actor was busy judging this year's Mr. India pageant (in that gorg. Osman gown), fans wrote her an angry letter expressing their disappointment with her for the film. KK fans wanted more screen-time for their 'talented superstar' and were furious that she accepted a role that's secondary to the main star (Salman Khan) in the film. That, coupled with the fact that she chose not to do Rajkumar Gupta's thriller Section 84, seems to have irked her fans.

"It seems that film budgets and box-office figures have greatly affected your career's route and your choice to experiment with roles. Although your love for masala films is understandable, your well-wishers find it hard to content themselves with secondary roles and short screen times for the talented superstar that you are and that we support so vehemently," the letter said.

KK obviously saw the letter and sticks by her decision, "I don't understand why is there such a big hue and cry about me not doing the film...to be honest, I was not convinced by the script at all. I am sure that I won't work in a film I don't like at the script level." Just like T-Swift, Kareena knows a thing or two about shaking it off.

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