Katrina Kaif and Her Make-Up Artist Make Up!




We know #CelebLife involves tons of photo shoots, and stars probably end up spending most of their day with their stylists and make-up artists. So it's not uncommon for them to get pretty close to each other. And perhaps a tad bit possessive too.

Last year, Katrina Kaif had trouble with her make-up artist Subhash Singh, who had worked with her for 11 years (there's no denying that that's some next level commitment). Subhash was on working on a 35 day shoot in Mauritius which was delayed due to bad weather. This led him to fly back on 17th July, causing him to miss Katrina's ad shoot on 14th May.

Back in Mumbai, when he spoke to Katrina's manager, she told him that Katrina was pretty cheesed off and that he needed to give her a while to cool off. But to add fuel to the fire, a couple of days later he was working at a studio with Jacqueline Fernandez, and yeah, like every high-school drama movie we've ever seen, Katrina landed up having a shoot at the same studio as well.

Reporters rubbed salt in Katrina's wounds when they asked her why her make-up artist was working with Jacqueline Fernandez instead of her. The actor said that she had replaced him because of his insincerity. Subash was heartbroken when he read that in the news.

Finally, a year later, he called Katrina to wish her on her birthday and the two patched things up. "Yes, Katrina and I spoke on her birthday and we've sorted everything out" he confirmed. Well, all's well that ends well, right?

By Rijuta Agarwal

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