7 Amazing Style Tips By Sonam Kapoor

You asked, she answered




Eight lucky Cosmo girls asked Sonam Kapoor about fashion, beauty and everything she loves...

Which are your favourite online shopping and fashion websites? -Mansi, 22

Sonam: "I often check the sites below for inspiration, online shopping and interesting blog posts."

Who are your favourite designers? -Kritika, 27

Sonam: "That's a tough one, as I don't have any one favourite designer. There are many that I like, and here's a sneakpeek..."

I seem to be cursed with bad hair days... is there any way to put an end to them? -Simran, 23

Sonam: "You're in luck, because this season, wearing your hair up and away from your face is so chic. I'm loving messy fish braids, sleek high ponytails and braided buns. They're great for camouflaging greasy, difficult hair."

I want to style a white blazer with an outfit and I'm finding it quite hard. Help! -Mona, 24

Sonam: "A slouchy white blazer can be thrown over some wide-legged pants, or try a more tailored version with a romper or shorts-very Kate Moss and Gwyneth-esque! Aim for androgynous-sexy- wear your blazer with a buttoned up shirt and rolled up sleeves. Now throw on some relaxed trousers and brogues."

I want to know about your faves-gadgets, eateries and foreign locales... -Sheena, 22

Sonam: "Phew! Well, my iPad 2 helps me scan through pics and read scripts. I love the food at Indigo Deli in Mumbai and my favourite holiday destination is Italy."

What are the essentials in your wardrobe? -Deepti, 25

Sonam: "These are the five items on my 'must-have' list right now and I can't wait to get my hands on them..."

How can I work this season's tricky leather trend? -Meghna, 23

Sonam: "The key is to work a daring trend in a classic silhouette. In the case of leather, try a fitted leather pencil skirt or a structured shift dress, especially in a neutral hue, for an ultra chic look."

I love the sheer trend. How do I wear it without looking like I'm having a wardrobe malfunction? -Neha, 26

Sonam: "You need to balance the natural sexiness of sheer fabrics with soft, feminine details and, if required, conservative touches. So if you're wearing a sheer shirt, wear it buttoned to the collar and under a well-fitted jacket. Also try sheers with a busy print that distracts attention and keeps from giving too much away."