Silence is Golden: Janhvi Kapoor Wants to Stay Quiet 'Coz She Thinks She Gets Misquoted by the Media

"...I am feeling like maybe I should just shut up."

The weekend when Janhvi Kapoor made her debut with the movie, Dhadak was a very special one for the Kapoor clan. As a debutante, Janhvi was understandably nervous and excited to showcase her work in front of audiences. 

And just like any other newcomer, the 21-year-old is starting to learn a couple of much-needed lessons in dealing with the media. It's a very tricky, image-driven business, after all — a realisation she shared in a recent interview with Film Companion.

The host, Anupama Chopra, asked if there was something that people around her warned her to not do. To which, Janhvi replied, "I recently learnt that I should not speak at all...as much as possible. Just from these articles around me, I am feeling like maybe I should just shut up. I don't know, sometimes I read the kind of stuff that's being printed and it makes me cringe. Stuff that I've said sometimes, it's paraphrased, of course. If I am talking to a person and really opening up, I am gonna talk to them like I talk to him (Ishaan) and then I'll have a conversation. I don't know how to differentiate from, like, 'this is going to be a statement' (sic)."

She continued, "Like, yesterday, we were asked a question, I think, at the press conference about, 'if you had the opportunity to do a biopic of an actor, who's biopic would you do?'. Then I thought and I was like, if he (Ishaan) was asking me this question, I would obviously say, 'you know this and this actors have led really interesting lives and it'd be so much fun to attempt something like that'. So, I said Madhubala ji and Meena Kumari ji. And then, my dad sent me this message, like, 'Why have you said that you can play Madhubala and Meena Kumari in a film?' They just erased the question, so now it sounds like I think I can be these magnanimous, iconic people. I am not even like the dirt on their foot, maybe. But it's so daunting, I don't know what to say, ever. I just want to be quiet."

Well, they do say silence is golden. But we're sure the young star will master the tricky business of dealing with the press soon enough. 

Here's the full interview: