Here's Proof That Kareena Kapoor Khan is Obsessed With Kissing Taimur

That tot is a solid 100 on the adorable AF quotient, so we can imagine.

Looking at Kareena's current super-fit avatar, it is hard to imagine that she is the mother of a kid who's almost nearing the age of two. Taimur Ali Khan is the Internet's favourite child and netizens cannot stop showering virtual kisses and cuddles every time the shutterbugs post a snap of him. 

So it's no surprise that his mom Kareena can't stop gushing over his cant-stop-pulling-the-cheeks cute looks. The actor recently walked the ramp for designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock and in a super-fun and candid rapid-fire interview with Peacock magazine, she talked about the best and worst part about being a mother, with both answers adorably revolving around the same topic.

The best part, she said,

"I can cuddle my son and bite him and kiss him all over. I think that’s the best part of his time with me."

The hardest part,

"I don’t get to kiss and cuddle him when I am away for work."

Every mother can probably relate to this statement. In fact, this isn't the only time Kareena has talked about her affection for her son. 

Here's a video snippet that went viral (a few months ago) revealing the exact same sentiment.

"Taimur is always chilled out. He is so gorgeous. The only thing he doesn't like about me is that I kiss him about 20,000 times a day," she revealed. Neither Taimur nor Saif are ecstatic about this. Kareena added, "And he (Taimur) keeps pushing me off. Saif says why are you doing this. But I always feel like hugging him."


Taimur's charm even has his uncle, Ranbir Kapoor, obsessed — which he revealed in conversation with Rajeev Masand, where he talked about how he feels drawn and incapable of resisting his charm. 

"To be honest, I stalk his (Taimur’s) pictures. I am also obsessed because you know when you see him it just warms your heart. And when he has his haircut or how he walks. I am a Taimur fan. I have had the opportunity and the good fortune to hold him and it felt quite surreal, like holding royalty," he said.


That tot is a solid 100 on the adorable AF quotient, so we're really not surprised.