Priyanka Chopra's Net Worth Will Blow Your Mind

It's raining moolah! $$$$  

Priyanka Chopra's success in Bollywood as well as Hollywood is no fluke. The actor did not rise to fame overnight but she hustled everyday. The 36-year-old had no godfather in the industry and yet she came and conquered it like a boss. Her 27million+ following on Instagram says a lot about her popularity and the love that fans shower on her. 




The actor is always on the go, and she keeps shuffling between projects in India and the USA. One can't help but wonder how much money the star is raking in with such big projects in her kitty. 


According to Forbes, Priyanka was earning more than $3 Million per season for the American television drama thriller series, Quantico. The series was concluded after its 3rd season, and if we were to put two and two together, the newly engaged actor took home a hefty amount, i.e. $9 Million. 


As per Celebrity Net Worth, Priyanka Chopra is worth a whopping $8 Million! 


In case you're wondering, her fiancé, Nick Jonas's net worth is $25 Million. Mic drop!