5 Kareena Kapoor Khan Characters That Were a TOTAL Laugh Riot

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She may have a number of award-winners under her chunky, Fendi belt but this actor's rallied up a good number of re-DONK-ulous performances as characters so zany and insane, you'll watch the films back and go, 'hmmm…if I knew a person just like this, how long would it take me to smother them with a goosedown pillow?'

Pooja Saxena

Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai

So, when she popped into the fray with a hard-hitter like Refugee, we all had our best impressed-face on, waiting anxiously for the scintillating next from Triple K that'd play ballads on our heartstrings. And then there was this character—a helpless, confused youngling that was a saviour complex-riddled man's dream. This film, a disturbing and unsuccessful mesh of While You Were Sleeping, The Fault In Our Stars and every soppy rom-not-so-com ever, is definitely worth re-watching (in a mildly masochistic way, of course).

Pooja "Poo" Sharma

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

If you grew up in India, had parents, a TV, and a free Sunday afternoon, you've seen this film. It took you eight hours (two for the film, six for on-screen cry-a-thons), but you waded through it because 'It was all about loving your parents' and they simply had to see it through. The one person you'll remember most is mini-skirt wearing, leopard-print aficionado Poo, who was so crucial to the script's entertainment quotient that she won a whole song in honour of a college newbie not knowing who she was automatically as he walked onto campus. But, pink pleather and resting bitchface aside (or included) she was possibly the greatest saving grace of this film.


Mein Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

Oh. My. God. This film was an abomination because, even by Hindi film standards. Things were exaggerated and overdone to the point that, if it turned out it was all a character's dream, it would flood the audience with a sense of relief. Kareena's character in particular, Sanjana, was so bouncy and springy you could easily mistake her for a trampoline. Add to it her posse (aka the Stereotype and Caricature Gang) and it made for a rollicking good time.We'd like to give special mention to the crew, to finding and filming in 'Sundernagar' a glorious haven that combines the Swiss Alps with Tahitian Beaches, as well as Parisian bistros littering the sidewalks. What a tourism boosting ad for this locale—the exact pin-pointing of which seems to baffle Google Maps, but we labour on in the hope that we'll find it one day, tucked in neat corner behind Bihar.

Tina Kapoor

Mujhse Dosti Karoge

In this extremely norm-conforming film (plot: guy instinctively chooses 'hottie' over 'fattie', until he discovers 'fattie' wrote him soulful letters with most-touching phrases about eternal 'lowe'—the film staunchly, however, sticks to the term 'dosti'—and then proves his good-guy worth by switching his love around), Kareena plays 'Pretty Girl', and is ousted from protagonist spot by a melancholic Rani Mukherjee. The whole premise is a touch ridiculous, but you do end up feeling bad for her toward the end, especially when they toss in the 'she's-an-orphan' angle.

Geet Dhillon

Jab We Met

By far her best character to date (yes, Omkara was taken into account), this character spewed quotable quotes like a garden hose gone wild. Teetering throughout between chipper and enthusiastic and noisy and annoying, the character was an acquired taste that, magically, everyone acquired because she played it with such finesse. You did, of course, have moments where you'd happily encourage the hacking-off of her bobblehead, but for the most part, her nuisance-making nature almost intravenously made you smile.