Aishwarya Rai Spoke Up About The #MeToo Movement and We Love Her Even More Now

How much more can this queen slay?

Among the many silent voices from the film industry during the ongoing #MeToo movement, there is one that has spoke up and it is a voice of support. Actor Aishwarya Rai spoke about the movement and how we need to support women who are coming out with their stories of harassment and abuse.


At a recent event, when the actor was asked about her thoughts on the movement, she said, "I have always spoken out, I spoke in the past, I am speaking now, and I will continue to speak.” Aishwarya had previously spoken about being in an abusive relationship with actor Salman Khan, who hit her and gaslighted her. 

She continued, "When it comes to helping women find their voice, find the strength, feel confident about sharing their stories, it’s not about the current time. This has been going on since a lot of time and I am glad it has found a certain momentum today.”


However, she refused to comment on any particular case. "“The #MeToo movement has been the need of the hour since time immemorial and I hope together we keep the momentum going. At the same time, if a case gets sub judice, we have to respect the law of the land," she said. 

Can we love this woman more?