"Never Take Relationship Advice From Ranbir Kapoor": Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor spills the beans on the time he broke up his relationship because of Ranbir Kapoor.

With the rate at which celebrity secrets are being revealed, Koffee with Karan season 6 is soon going to have to be renamed to Spill The Beans with Karan!


After Alia Bhatt's reveal of her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor and Amir Khan talking about showering with his wife (TMI), it was time for Arjun Kapoor to take to Karan's controversial couch with his sister Jhanvi Kapoor last night.


While Jhanvi played it by the book and did not reveal a single snippet of info about her personal life, Arjun decided to be quite forthcoming.He revealed that he was in a committed relationship (we wonder if he could be referring to Malaika Arora), and then went on to tell us how Ranbir Kapoor caused him to break up with an ex. Here's what Arjun had to say:

 “Ranbir once gave me relationship advice and I ended that relationship the next day. So, I don' think this community of actors is very good at giving advice to each other at all. It was Ranbir's finest performance and considering he's done Barfi you can imagine. We were standing on the balcony. He looked into the darkness and said, "If you're not happy, just let go." And I was like ‘whoa!’ It was like an Imtiaz Ali film moment. I had an epiphany.”

Arjun advised that nobody should ever take relationship advice from Ranbir Kapoor. He also added that he regretted his breakup seven days later. The 33-year-old actor shared, “And I looked at my phone and I sent a message to her saying, 'We have to talk.' And the next day I ended it. I regretted it after about seven days but I had gone too deep into that breakup to go back. Thus, you shouldn't take any advice from Ranbir Kapoor."


Lol! Poor Arjun, looks like Ranbir made him jump the gun on that one doesn't it? We do wonder about the identity of this mystery person Arjun was dating. Oh well, it all worked out in the end for Arjun by the looks of it, so maybe Ranbir was a good friend to him all along? We, for one,  just love the way all the new age Bollywood actors in the industry are BFF's with each other, don't you?