Here's What Saif Ali Khan, Amrita Singh, and Kareena Kapoor Khan Advised Sara Ali Khan to Do

Her filmy fam has some spot-on things to say.

New star kid on the block Sara Ali Khan's debut movie is going to release tomorrow. The confident debutante has already won hearts for the way she presented herself on the chat show Koffee With Karan. The 26-year-old had no qualms discussing her tricky family situation on national television. Even at the crucial time of her debut movie release, Sara is not afraid to talk about nepotism. Her honesty is like a breath of fresh air in B-town. 


Recently, during an interview with the leading tabloid, MissMalini, Sara shared the things her family told her will always stay with her. 


She said, "As far as acting is concerned, the main thing that she’s (her mother, Amrita Singh) told me is that the person that you are translates on screen because your eyes hold the person that you are. So, try to be as honest and as pure as a person so that you can sleep well at night and wake up happy in the morning and perform honestly in front of the camera. I will never forget those words."

"My father has told me, to remember even though it’s the best job in the world, that it is a job and you do have a family and you do have friends and you have a life and all of that deserves as much importance also. Which is easy to forget especially if you’re a newcomer and especially if you’re ambitious, both of which I am. So, to just remember and take a breath and have a piece of chocolate once in a while, even if your dietitian and manager are staring at you, it’s okay. I think that’s what he’s taught me," she continued.  

"Kareena, I think, has taught me more from example. I think she’s such a balanced person. You know she strikes a very beautiful balance between her social life, her domestic life, and her career. And that’s something one really aspires to do," said Sara. 


Now that's some solid advice.