"Every Time I Leave Home, I Worry About Taimur": Kareena Kapoor On the Guilt of Being a Working Mother

This is sooo relatable for any working mother. 

When it comes to proving that you can have indeed have it all, nobody sets an example quite like Kareena Kapoor Khan. A great marriage, thriving career, solid group of BFFs, killer bod, and of course a son that the entire world can't get enough of — Kareena sure seems to have it all figured out. Always one for setting the norm, Kareena has paved the way for working mothers in Bollywood, balancing her professional commitments and her son Taimur Ali Khan with seeming ease. 


As the paparazzi just cannot get enough of the Khans, it seems like we can constantly see Kareena moving from the gym to movie sets and promotions and to her home, paying full attention to each. However, in a recent interview, Kareena opened up about how it felt for her to leave Taimur at home, and about how important it is for working mothers to believe in themselves. 


“I think the most important thing for a working mother is to believe in herself," says Kareena. "Even when I leave in the morning, I am constantly worried about what Taimur would be doing at home. There is that looming guilt that is sometimes on your head.” She went on to add, “But I think there's nothing, and I have always said it, there's nothing more important to your child than a happy mother — especially a working mother.” She then explained that if a child sees their mother managing different parts of her life, they will understand a woman in a better way. “I think your child will grow up realising, respecting and understanding a woman so much more that when she goes out to work and comes back home, she is still happy. Even though she could be tired, but she is still happy because she is doing what she loves the most. Be happy, believe in yourself and I think your child will automatically flourish.”


Doesn't that look like one happy family? With two big budget movies coming up, looks like this working mom's career is going to rise even higher. Kareena, who worked right through her pregnancy, is setting a fabulous example for all modern women out there, don't you think? After her feminist radio show and poetry, we feel this latest interview is yet another feather in her social message cap.