Alia Bhat Just Gifted Her Driver and Her Help a House Each!

Who says celebs aren't generous?

Alia Bhatt is currently on a high — she's one of the top actors in Bollywood, she's got more than a couple of big projects in the pipeline, she has a country that goes gaga over her every move, a production company on the way, and more. Not to mention, how we fall in love with this super relatable, funny, goofy, and charming youngster with every interview. Couldn't get better, right?


Turns out, you can get more perfect, as demonstrated by Alia as she recently proved her generosity by gifting her help and her driver, Rs 50 lakh each to buy a house. The two have been with the actor since she started out in Bollywood, and as a token of her appreciation Alia gave them this huge gift just before her 26th birthday recently. Reports suggest that both the benefactors have already booked homes in Mumbai with the money.

Isn't that just the sweetest of Alia?