Selena Gomez Designed a Special Bikini for Her Kidney Transplant Scar

"I've had a kidney transplant and I like bathing suits that kind of cover where that's been and make me feel comfortable."

It goes without saying that Selena Gomez is a woman of many talents. She's an actress, singer and producer, but now she can also add the title 'fashion designer' to her growing list of achievements.

Selena designed two smokin' hot swimsuits - a bikini and a full piece - for her bestie Theresa Marie Mingus' affordable swimwear brand, Krahs Swim (which, fyi, is 'shark' spelled backwards).

These aren't just any swimsuits though, these bad bois also have some special design features incorporated (like high waists and belts) which, Sel says, make her feel more comfortable.

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"After working with you it's helped me understand not to take life too seriously," Sel continues.


"I've grown up in a very difficult situation, so I felt like we bonded on that because we come from real places that, I don't know, I just didn't think that I could get through some of the hardest points in my life if it wasn't for you.

The new Krahs label is set to launch today, People reports, offering a range of swimwear styles and sizes at an affordable price point 

Oh and in case you missed it, Selena also shared a heartfelt message on Instagram earlier this week explaining how important Theresa's friendship has been to her over the last five years.


"I met Theresa 5 years ago. We worked together and became best friends," wrote Sel. "She has taught me how to see life in a fun, carefree and uplifting way. She has shown me how to be a strong and fearless woman. She is beautiful, kind and smart. I saw how capable she was of achieving her dreams. I wanted nothing more than to see her pursue them and soar.
And here you are making it happen T. I love you and I am so proud of you."