Bella Hadid Arrives at Cannes Wearing Your Favourite 2000s Fashion Item


Bella Hadid is one of those people who can make literally anything look fashionable. I mean, it's a pretty major job requirement for being a model buuut, that being said, it's still very impressive when we see it happening.

Last night Bella stepped out in the city of the week, Cannes, for the 72nd Cannes Film Festival to attend a ~very exclusive~ Dior Dinner. And dayum, homegirl did it again.

Naturally, in a week dedicated to over-the-top red carpet appearances, featuring larger-than-life princess dresses and seriously bedazzled gowns, you might expect Hadid to wear a suitably extra outfit for the occasion. But nope, she did quite the opposite, and I'm OBSESSED.

Cast you mind back to 2000s: blue eyeshadow was all the craze and you'd leave for a party wearing a boho maxi skirt, matching crop top and roll-on body glitter all over your body.

Well, that's pretty much the aesthetic Bella went for at this fancy dinner (minus the eyeshadow and glitter).

Here's the model arriving at the event wearing a voluminous nude-hued maxi with a matching, off-the-shoulder crop top and a blush pink Christian Dior bag:




My kween.


The only thing missing from this outfit is one of those iconic disc belts.

This isn't the first time Bella's opted for head-to-toe nude, wearing the sheer body stocking version of this outfit back in September for the 2018 Harper's Bazaar Icons party: