Woah! Kangana Lost 5kgs In 10 Days for Her Cannes Appearance

Her trainer shares the details of exactly how she did it.

One thing's for sure, being a Bollywood actor ain't easy. Not only are you always under an immense amount of pressure to look good, you also have to balance that out with transforming your appearance to suit a role as well. Take Kangana Ranaut, for example. The actor had gained weight to play the role of a Kabaddi player in an upcoming Bollywood movie called Panga, and her filming schedule left her with only 10 days to get into shape before she left for Cannes 2019. Given the fact that pretty much the whole world would be watching her appearance at the Festival, she took it upon her self to get lean, ASAP, and lost a whopping 5kgs in 10 days!


She looks pretty fit doesn't she? So how exactly did she do it? Heres what her trainer, Yogesh Bhateja shared in a press statement:

“Kangana was supposed to gain wait for Panga so the calorie structure we followed was higher. So, all of a sudden it is not easy for any person to switch from high-calorie diet to a calorie-deficit diet. Kangana worked out twice a day after an intense shoot for Panga for 10-11 hours everyday.”Check out some Instagram posts of Kangana working out, we promise they will provide you all the inspiration you need to hit the gym, stat.

[instagram]https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxe3_LPh4e_/[/instagram] [instagram]https://www.instagram.com/p/BxezOHpBlws/[/instagram]

Kangana also shared that her stylist and the designers working on her Cannes red carpet dress wanted her to have a leaner physique. Falguni and Shane Peacock have designed a dramatic entrance for Kangana who will wear a sari for her Cannes debut this year. “I was so busy with Panga." she said. "I had to gain almost 10 kilos; Ashwini (Panga’s director) wanted me to have thunder thighs. During trials (for her Cannes dresses), I realised I have to lose some weight”. If that's not dedication, we don't know what is. More power to you girl!