Beyoncé's Hilarious Reaction to This Woman Chatting Up Jay-Z Has Twitter Spiraling

I'm 💀.

  • Fans are flipping out over footage of Beyoncé glaring at and low-key shoving a woman talking to Jay Z.
  • The couple were attending Game 3 of the NBA finals in Oakland.

Kay, so last night Beyoncé and her newly-minted billionaire husband Jay-Z were spotted court-side at Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Oakland (the Golden State Warriors were playing the Toronto Raptors, if you care about ~sports~), and Beyoncé looked PISSED.

Twitter is absolutely blowing up over a clip of Bey and Jay chatting to the woman sitting next to Beyoncé, who at one point leaned right TF in front of Bey to talk to Jay. And like, please check out Beyoncé's face during the moment because the side-eye is too real. And naturally fans are flipping out.

Some fave comments include "I would leave the earth if Beyonce looked this ready to smack me," and also "Y’all Beckys really keep trying Beyonce as if she doesn’t have a Cancer sister named Solange."

And yes, there were obviously some "Becky with the good hair" jokes:

Also, can we please talk about this particular moment where Bey low-key shoves her while making this face?!?!?!

We honestly don't deserve Beyoncé.

Oh and FYI, the woman in question happens to be Nicole Curran. She's the wife of Joe Lacob, who happens to own the Golden State Warriors and is a casual billionaire. Our dude Joe was also sitting with Bey and Jay, so no reason to fly into a full blown panic and start dropping bee emojis all over Twitter.