This is What Meghan Markle and Beyoncé Spoke About When They Met at The Lion King Premiere


Last night, I'm surprised the internet didn't break. Because Beyoncé met Meghan Markle at the European premiere of The Lion King, and it was the ultimate union of female powerhouses.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the event not only because it's one of Harry's favourite films (he has legit said that) but mainly because the premiere was being held "in support of the conservation and communities work of His Royal Highness through The Royal Foundation".

Beyoncé and Jay-Z were there because Queen Bey voices the part of Nala in the Disney remake, as well as having produced the film's soundtrack.

So what do two couples of such stature discuss when meeting for the first time, you might wonder? Well, turns out Meghan might be the only person in the world to make Queen Bey starstruck.

Fans figured out that Beyoncé greeted Meghan by calling her “My Princess,” which AHHH omg.

Watch here:


And there's also a clip of Prince Harry chatting with Bey and husband Jay Z, in which he appears to be telling them about baby Archie and how much he's grown. So sweet!


Along with these precious clips, royal correspondent Rebecca English was lurking closely by during the interaction last night, and reported the conversation on twitter.

"The baby, so beautiful. We love you guys," Beyoncé reportedly told Meghan and Harry.

Harry replied: "And how are the twins?"

Beyoncé: "They are not here. They don’t come on every trip. We left them at home. They would loved to have been here."

Jay-Z then chimed in: "The best advice I can give you, always find time for yourself."

Afterwards, when asked about the encounter, Beyoncé said: "They are sooo sweet."

I think there might be a dinner party invite on the cards.

The excitement about meeting for the first time was clear from both sides; I mean, the royals greeted Beyoncé and Jay-Z with hugs and kisses, not rigid handshakes. And that's hardly surprising, considering the Carters' public declaration of love for Meghan in their Brit Awards acceptance speech earlier this year.