11 Reasons To Watch Quantico That AREN'T Priyanka Chopra…

Okay. We're lying. She's three of 'em.




#1 It's the only show that's really gotten under the skin of the FBI agent training process without being dull as sh*t.

#2 Priyanka Chopra is actually super-believable as her character Alex Parrish. As in, you're totally pissed off throughout on her behalf—and you so want her to avenge her pristine reputation.

#3 Remember Grayson from the beloved failed but fun show Cougar Town? He's a totally effing brilliant character on this show!

#4 The girl gang on the show is actually diverse without trying to be diverse—they haven't put in, like, token ethnicities to make a point. It's just beautifully organic.

#5 PC's romantic interest, Ryan Booth, is good-looking enough—but he's not this annoying perfection-stereotype that simply bounds to her rescue, chest puffed out all the time (except, you know, that one time time in Episode Four that he did). He's a good guy with a twist.

#6​ The fights are kick*ss! And they don't do girl-on-girl fights in that rigmarole, oversexed-male-pleasing style, either. They're exactly as terse and bone-crushing as guy-on-guy fights.

#7 Caleb Haas. There's something about this character that you want to both punch AND pin up against a wall in passion at the same time. GrrrRUFF.

#8 There's actually not a single moment that you think of Priyanka as 'that Bollywood actress'. She's nothing like her Hindi-film self—but doesn't come off pretending to be American either.

#9 The show's doing some pretty interesting story-telling. The way it switches between past and present is seamless and not even mildly confusing.

#10 PC's sex scene in the pilot? Pretty nicely done. And not at ALL sleazy. (extra points for her character being super-bad*ss when it was through, too!)

#11 Lastly, it's gripping as hell! The show's got the right spin on how much to reveal and how much to conceal, information wise. You're never frustrated—but you're always curious enough to wait till next week.