10 FACTS That Prove Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Defined a Generation

"Ms Braganza, AHA!"




#1 Basketball became a thing. Dressing up in weird tracksuits to PLAY basket ball ALSO became a thing.

#2 Headbands. Elastic, pop-colour, stretchy head bands to keep our little Anjali bobs in place.

#3 The idea of dancing in the rain became the most romantic proposition in our tender-minded universes.

#4 No one brought back the skirt-suit and pearls like Ms Braganza (AHA!)

#5 Rani Mukerji wore practically nothing else throughout the film (we exempt the deathbed saga) and suddenly miniskirts were a go. We're sorry, ALL '90's dads. 

#6 Everybody was suddenly wearing this douchey shirt. You were getting it in local markets. It was #legit.

#7 And the necklace. Oh God, the necklace.

#8 Friendship bands were a sign of your popularity stock. The more you had, the more #RahoolCool you were.

#9 We all learnt the trick to getting a man is to change OUT of the gymwear and INTO the sari. Pffffffft obviously! No lipstick, no love!

#10 And lastly, we were taught a totally valid life lesson. True love = BEST FRIENDS! Suddenly, we were all scouting out opposite sex BFFs (#Possibilities, you guys!). Where is the Rahul to my Anjali, I say!