The 8 Stages of Emotions We Go Through Every Weekend, As Told By Bollywood...

We feel you...

​Weekends are a glorious period of time, filled with happiness and unicorns. You can sleep in till late if you want, stay up as long as you want, and for two blissful days you're away from work e-mails, calls or texts. 

Here are all the stages of emotions we go through every weekend, as told by Bollywood, because why not?

When you leave work on Friday

When you wake up on Saturday on your own, without any alarm clock singing bloody murder (or Katy Perry in some cases..just me? Ok..) 

When somebody mentions anything remotely close to work on Saturday

Work? What? What is that? Why are you speaking gibberish?

When somebody mentions the dreaded 'M' word...

When you're still in denial of the coming Monday and you're trying to forget its existence.

When Sunday evening arrives and you accept the inevitable.

When you finally accept that the glorious period of joy and happiness has come to an end and it's Monday tomorrow and you just want to be left alone with your misery.

When you start thinking about the coming weekend the moment you wake up on a Monday.

Repeat the cycle every week.