Have You Seen the Latest Game of Thrones Teaser Yet??





It seems like an eternity since the entire world collectively went into denial over the 'death' of Jon Snow, and we have been haunted with the chantings of 'For the watch' ever since!

In the said state of denial, we've spent the past 5 months 8 days, obsessing over every little detail or plot hole that might prove that Jon Snow is alive, and we might just be right....YES! 

The new teaser, released by HBO, features Jon Snow, looking injured, but in all his mad raven curls glory! But DOES THIS MEAN THAT HE IS ALIVE???

Take a look yourself:

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/GameOfThrones/status/668821378544570368[/twitter]


So from all the evidence that we've gathered over the months spent grieving and mourning what can possibly be the most unfortunate death in the books, it did look as if Jon Snow was alive and coming back in Season 6, despite the cast and crew trying to deter us, But this poster hints that we might have been right all along!

We'll have to wait till April to finally see if we were right or if we march in protest.