Anushka Sharma's Reply to This Tweet is Just What the World Needs to Understand

You go, girl!




Anushka Sharma's recent no-holds-barred interview with Anupama Chopra was incredible, and we know it. BUT. Just when we thought that we couldn't love and agree with her any more, this reply to a tweet makes us rethink!

So Huffington Post India tweeted this, regarding her interview:

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/HuffPostIndia/status/671716676568764416[/twitter]

To which she replied:

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/AnushkaSharma/status/671744817421000704[/twitter]

The Huff Post India's tweet wasn't intentionally hurtful or sexist, but that is EXACTLY what is wrong with this. Using terms like 'ballsy' or 'be a man' are just perpetuating the belief that any women who stands up for what she believes or calls out sexism is brave 'like a man'.

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