WHOA! Have You Seen These Memes of Modi Surveying Chennai?





​Something shocking (not!) happened this Thursday. Prime Minster Narendra Modi decided to visit flood-struck Chennai; no that's not the shocking part. Here it comes: the Press Information Bureau took a photo of the prime minister surveying Chennai in his helicopter, and then tweeted out a photoshopped (majorly!) image of the original.  ​Check it out!

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/Komal_Indian/status/672423379853512705[/twitter]

Regardless to say that Twitter lost its sh*t. Next thing you know the PIB removed the picture and the Prime Minister's Office issued an apology and a promise that only genuine pictures would be released from here on forth. But the damage had been done, and the memes were set in motion.

So, here are some of the best ones!

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/krazyfrog/status/672422761487138816[/twitter]

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/bwoyblunder/status/672424388113784832[/twitter]

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/brownbrumby/status/672420254501371904[/twitter]

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/brownbrumby/status/672428409180434432[/twitter]

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/brownbrumby/status/672432392330588162[/twitter]

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/PabloVikasso/status/672456428955820033[/twitter]

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/GauravPandhi/status/672745444850536448[/twitter]

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/Altruism___/status/672443285693210624[/twitter]

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/Altruism___/status/672446954748661761[/twitter]