So Here's Why Everyone's Talking About The New Myntra Ad...

*with uber-feminist Radhika Apte for extra #GirlPower.




​This ad, much like Anouk's last ad that took an issue (the lesbian couple prepping to meet the parents) and swung at it full strength, has caused almost as much of a stir for its addressing of the problems faced by pregnant women in the workplace.

Radhika Apte plays Shaheen, a brilliant architect who's work is clearly appreciated by the firm (as we see in her Devil Wears Prada-esque dialogue with her boss in the car), but despite her being notably fantastic at her job, she isn't given the promotion for which she "worked many nights", but instead, colleague Vivek walks away with the promotion and the prize.

Watch the ad here…

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz5rAFAvqCs[/youtube]

This ad, while it ends triumphantly with Shaheen walking proud and tall, chest puffed out into the camera with the glow of an empowered woman, several critics have taken issue with the fact that this incredibly common problem for most women (which Myntra was right to address) has been solved from a point of view of privilege. While Shaheen walks out onto property she owns, which she's turned into an office and gone into business for herself, most women that suffer at the hands of these circumstances don't have the same financial luxury.

The ad, does, however niche its point of view, brings up an important issue for women all over the country—the idea of maternity being a 'hurdle' to cross. And while this ad might not be quite as poignant and research-intensive as John Oliver's take on the subject, it is definitely a step in the right direction.