Google Just Made the Coolest Doodle to Honour Beethoven

Sit back…this one may take some time!




​Ludwig van Beethoven was probably the greatest composer that ever lived. While it's still unclear as to when he was born, December 17th marks the anniversary of his baptism; according to Google at least. 

Plus, they did the math and it would have been his 245th birthday had he still been alive.

So, to honour the great Beethoven, Google did what it does best. It created a Google Doodle. Except, this isn't any ordinary doodle. It's a game that allows the players to arrange different compositions of Beethoven (like a puzzle) including The Fifth Symphony, Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, and The Ninth Symphony. And like every game, you don't move forward without solving the puzzle.

Oh, there's also the fact that you need to rearrange the sheet music so that Beethoven can go and conduct his concert. That's how the doodle starts.

It's the longest most complex doodle yet, and it's fun as hell.

You can check out the doodle here.

And as Google puts it, "Here's to one of history's greatest artists, and to hoping that, wherever you happen to be traveling this holiday, your life's work isn't eaten by a horse."