Daniel Radcliffe Just Revealed the Cutest Truth About Rupert Grint

He's such a nice boy, that Ron Weasley.




Being plucked from obscurity and propelled to superstardom at such a young age, it's a wonder Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson (kween) didn't turn into complete douchelords.

(We're obvs super glad they didn't because we love them long time.)

And DanRad has just revealed the cutest story about Rupert Grint, making us love him even more.

Rupert once ended up at a fan's house because he was too nice to say no.

Bless his cotton socks.

Can you imagine having Ron Weasley in your house?! We're totes asking him over if we ever meet him. 

Dan was on The Graham Norton Show when he recounted Ron being way too sweet.

"I don't know the details of this at all, but Rupert ended up at someone's house one night just from continuing to say 'yes' to things," as fellow guest James McAvoy quipped "we've all been there!"

"I think when you start acting at a young age, people expect you to be a total dick all the time, and that's kind of the expectation you always find yourself coming up against."

He added that like Rupert he's found himself being too nice to 'rude' fans in the past:

"I think all my life, I've worked really hard to not be that and be as far away from that as possible. But that has sometimes meant that you can be really rude to me and I'll just be like "yeah fine"."

Mr and Mrs Weasley would be proud.

The article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com.au