Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan Take a Selfie, Bury the Hatchet

The #Bromance is back!




As soon as the promos of Bigg Boss Nau'sTHAT episode started airing (you know, wherein Shahrukh Khan came on the sets to promote his just-released Dilwale), we knew something totally cray cray was gonna happen! And when the channel posted the #bhaibhai selfie on Twitter, it literally broke the Internet!

If you've seen the episode, you'd know that both the Khans had amazing things to say for each other and even did a li'l gig (an overtly dramatized one at that!) to tell their fans what had gone down that night when the fight broke between the two many, many years ago!

Well, that's that…as of now, the #Bromance is back!

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