15 Reasons to Prove Why Hrithik Roshan is One of the COOLEST Men in the World

Damn those Greek God looks!




1) Because who looks THIS good while travelling?

2) Because who else can carry off a purple suit and not look like Willy Wonka?

3) Because arms.

4) Because ARMS.

5) Because glorious beard.

6) Because he has the most ADORABLE kids and he keeps posting pictures with them.

7) Because eyes.

8) Because his thin scarf skills are on point.

9) Because his hair ALWAYS makes us wish we could run our fingers through them.

10) Because not many guys can carry off a see through black tee with bandana and black shades and not look shady AH.

11) Because extra is always good.

12) Because LOOK. AT. THOSE. EYES.

13) Because when he smiles the whole world stops and stares for a while. Thank you, Bruno Mars for expressing our feelings.

14) Because his jaw line should be register as a weapon of mass destruction (or seduction, amirite??....no?...too much? ok...)

15) Because he not only looks THIS good, he dances like a dream as well.